About MDProLife Foundation Inc.

Ramon L. Mendoza
Founder & President, MDProLife Foundation Inc.

Engr. Ramon Mendoza, is a layman who is devoted to helping eradicate infectious diseases such as Leprosy and TB in the Philippines.

Back in 2005, he was sick with severe back pain, goutic arthritis, various allergies and chronic fatigue syndrome, all of which led to depression and his restlessness to find a cure.

During that time, he was fortunate to come across Transfer Factor through a friend. In just a few days of taking it, his life was never the same again as he is now completely healed.

In gratitude, Ramon wanted to share this to more people so he wrote "Understanding Transfer Factor in Layman's Terms," which eventually led to this blog "The Layman's Guide to Understanding Transfer Factor", a compilation of articles written by industry-recognized doctors and laymen around the world, who believe in this phenomenal product.

This opened Ramon's life to a very exciting world of service to his fellowmen, and led him to help the lepers get their immune system back to life through Transfer Factor.  This eventually led him to form this foundation,
MDProLife Foundation Inc (Many Dreams for the Philippines for a better Life) which was founded this June 2015, whose vision and missions are written below.

To Save Millions of Poor Filipino Children from Poverty into Productive Members of Our Society.

Mission Statement #1

Project Jeremiah : "To Help Eradicate Leprosy & TB in the Philippines by 2030"

Mission Statement #2
Project Elijah : "To Send One Million Poor Filipino Children to School by 2030"