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Above is my picture taken in Oct 2014. I lost 12lbs (from 201 to 189lbs) and 3 inches off my belly after using a 10-Day Fiber Regimen : Fiber System Plus, Bioefa and Riovida Burst) . After several months I put on weight again due to too much rice and carbo. The picture below is the result when I decided to remove rice from my diet. For 90 days now just eating veggies, fruits (not too sweet like banana or 'saging na saba'), fish,chicken and low glycemic index foods e.g. oatmeal, eggs, green smoothies etc. I added targeted immune support products for the heart, pancreatic health, anti-stress formulation and Omega 3 and Omega 6 rich formulations and repeated the 10-Day Fiber Regimen program every 3 months. Soon I was back to 182 lbs. All of this without exercise. However, I plan to go back to exercise in order to firm up some muscles for strength, endurance and develop a few abs by starting my 30-Day Transform Challenge Accelerator Program this February/March 2017.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

How To Buy Transfer Factor


Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula, originally known as the "Transfer Factor Original or Advance" has 300mg of Transfer Factor per capsule (highest mg of Transfer Factor).

PRICE:  Please Click Here
DOSAGE: Maintenance - 2caps/day;

Three Ways on How to Get your Transfer Factor Bottles:

1. The easiest is Texting or email : Text or Viber me at +639178761136 or email me at your complete name and address and text me exact time and date of deposit as indicated in the bank receipt and I will have it delivered via LBC in 24-48hrs if you can deposit to my bank before 3PM/ and you may also call me directly if you have some questions.  My bank details are as follows:
BPI (Bank of Philippine Islands) Savings Account#4449-00888-5,   Account Name: Ramon Mendoza

2. Visit me at my office at 4Life Research Philippines LLC, 8F & 16F San Miguel Properties Ctr, #7 St. Francis Ave., Mandaluyong CIty (Please park at Megamall coz its just right in front of EDSA Shangri-La Hotel). from Monday-Friday 12NN-9PM, Saturday 12NN-5PM.  If I am not yet around, look for Mr. Javes Mansilungan, IT Manager Phone +632 988-3888 

Address: 4Life Research Philippines LLC, 8F & 16F San Miguel Properties Ctr, #7 St. Francis Ave., Mandaluyong CIty (Please park at Megamall coz its just right in front of EDSA Shangri-La Hotel).

3. On-Line: Please visit and select your country (you must select the country e.g. Philippines or United States, etc.)
  Step1 : Click Preferred Customer if you just want to be a customer, then you may fill up the blank forms provided and fill up also the credit card details and select Transfer Factor Tri-Factor (60capsules) as your first product purchase.  However, if you want to AVAIL OF BIG DISCOUNTS be a distributor click on Leader Pack or Diamond Pack.
 Step2 : Wait for 3 days delivery via LBC (Philippines) or UPS (United States), etc.

[Disclaimer: Transfer Factor is not a cure, nor a drug. Transfer Factor EDUCATES, BOOSTS AND BALANCES THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, making our immune system intelligent, awakened and multiplied and then balanced.]


Transfer Factors (TF) are one of nature’s most elegant form of immune communication. It awakens our sleeping immune surveillance cells to do its job properly.  This is the new science called, Transferceutical Science, the new science of longevity, or restoration biology.  TF is responsible for keeping our arteries young and healthy by a process called internal homeostasis, the general cleaning of all our veins from molecular debris brought about by toxins, or foreign bodies that enter our blood system.  So, with TF, our whole body enjoys massive cleansing internally speaking, thus resulting into youthfulness and our cells are replaced with new cells.  As a result, the skin becomes younger and smoother via enhanced skin integrity technology.  This results further into internal beauty and recovery of the cells within producing external beauty.  This has a domino effect to all the other organs of the body, thus, making the immune system fully optimized, preventing diseases, and restoring the body cells to its original form.

"Transfer Factor is a miraculous discovery that was first made in 1949 - a tiny molecule in white blood cells, a communication molecule that helps alert immune system cells to what they ought to be doing", says David Lisonbee, Founder of 4Life Research LLC, Sandy Utah USA.

In medical parlance, according to Kirkpatrick, et. al, "Transfer Factors are peptides consisting of 44 amino acids. Transfer Factor molecules are smaller than antibodies and just one third the size of a virus and have molecular weights of less than 10,000 daltons (between 3,500 to 5,000 daltons). Transfer Factor (TF) (produced by 4Life Research, USA) is a hypoallergenic product, free of casein, lactoglobulins and other large proteins, but it does contain intact cytokine fractions identical to leukocytic cytokines. Academician A.A. Vorobiev of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences points out that unlike other immunomodulators Transfer Factor has a wide spectrum of activity, is safe, is administered orally, has no contraindications or side effects, and is effective both in adults and children."

According to the book of doctors, PDR Physician's Desk Reference edition 2014, Transfer Factor (TF) is an immunologic information molecule (meaning made by the immune system) which contain antigen information which educates, boosts, and helps maintain immune system balance. TF is the best Adjuvant or Adjunct to medicine, meaning it works well with medicine to make your recovery 437% faster because it can EDUCATE, BOOST AND BALANCE your immune system.

This is free from Ig (Immunoglobulines or antibodies) and hormones of the cow and chickens because it passed through our Patented Dry Bio-Tech Ultra-Filtration Extraction Process Machine. Transfer Factor is common in all of the animal kingdom (that includes humans) as clinically proven by science. Meaning, it is not foreign to humans even if it comes from animals. 

Our cows and chickens in Sandy, Utah USA are free from all of these that's why our 4Life Research Manufacturing Plants are APPROVED BY THE FDA. Our bottles are on the other hand APPROVED by the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) USA. In the Philippines, we are APROVED BY the FDA (formerly BFAD).

Click the above slide if you want to read the Philippine Star article about Transfer Factor as highly endorsed by Makati Medical Center's Chairman, Dr. Ricardo Fernandez.

PRICE: Pesos 3,427 per Bottle (120 capsules) 
DOSAGE: Maintenance - 2caps/day; Sick - 4caps/day; Severe - 6caps/day;

PRICE: Pesos 2,100 per Bottle (500 ml) : comes in 2bottles/pack= P4,200 Total
DOSAGE: Maintenance - 30ml/day

 If you want to lose weight and melt those visceral fats, here's our latest product: BioEFA with CLA!

What is BioEFA with CLA? 
BioEFA with CLA is 4Life’s superior source of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This product is made from flaxseed oil, safflower oil, borage seed oil, and fish oil. 

Recently reformulated, this wellrounded blend of essential fatty acids (EFAs) now contains more than four times the fish oil (1,000 mg) per serving!  

According to the American Heart 
Association, “Omega-3 fatty acids, 
particularly EPA and DHA, have been shown to benefit the heart of healthy people, and those at high 
cardiovascular and nervous systems 
and offer support for healthy skin,

risk for—or who already have—cardiovascular disease.”





Weight Management

Essential Fatty Acids
Key Features
• EFAs provide benefits to the
respiratory function, and proper immune response.
• BioEFA utilizes EFAs from a
variety of sources to help ensure a well-rounded product including DHA and EPA from fish oil primarily found in meat and 
• CLA (Conjugated Linoleic acid),
dairy products, has been shown to support cardiovascular and
circulatory health. The CLA used in BioEFA is from the natural source of safflower oil, and together with borage seed oil and flaxseed oil, aids the beneficial 
nutritional support of EFAs.

• GLA (Gamma Linolenic acid) is 
an omega-6 fatty acid and ALA 
(Alpha Linolenic acid) isa
omega-3 fatty acid. Both
provide support for the 
cardiovascular system.

PRICE: Pesos 1,320 per Bottle (60 capsules) : 
DOSAGE: Maintenance - 1 cap/day; Sick - 2 caps/day; Severe - 3 caps/day;

Monday, January 3, 2011

Why Antibiotics Have No Power over a Virus?

Do you know that Antibiotics mean anti-life? Since viruses do not fall under the definition of life, since viruses have no cells, this means antibiotics have no power over them. So, what can we do about this?

Answer: Let your immune system soldiers do the killing by empowering them with the ability to recognize viruses through Transfer Factor technology. Find out more on the succeeding pages why all of us, young and old and people who are stressed MUST take a look at this super molecule!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Transferceutical Science

Transferceutical Science is the new science of longevity or restoration biology. Known as the most powerful immune molecule, Transfer Factor (TF) is dubbed as "the Greatest Scientific Discovery of the Century" after 50 years of research since 1949.

Do you know that Transfer Factor can make you 20 years younger based on scientific and clinical studies? Find out more in the next pages (go to "What is TF?).

Reference: Click to visit official website on Transfer Factor

Click to Purchase Transfer Factor online

Transfer Factor molecules provide our immune system with the information it needs to recognize, respond and remember foreign invaders of the human body to keep it from harms way. In other words, it is the wise man that teaches or educates the immune armies to be always ready so no enemy soldier can penetrate nor attack us. TF is like a cellphone load. Nobody can text without a load. In similar manner, TF loads the T-Cell with a load of information about the enemies so that the T-Cell, which is the general of the immune army will be informed about the current enemies of the human body so that the data base of information will likewise be utilized to update all the other trillions of immune soldiers via 'texting' (cytokine release in medicine), thus, upgrading the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of the whole army. That is why TF is also known as the IQ of the Immune System.

How do you get immunity from Chicken Pox?

This we know very well that we get Chicken Pox only once, and why is that? Because our body's immune system develop the ability to recognize the Chicken Pox virus. How does that happen? Well, the macrophages, a type of immune soldier, loves to eat molecular debris and foreign bodies like viruses, will gobble up the Chicken Pox virus and begin its work; Its job is two-fold:
1) Process the virus into a memory or information molecule or Transfer Factor of Chicken Pox.
2) Present the TF of the Chicken Pox virus to the T-Cell to educate him so that all the other members of the immune army will likewise be informed and educated.

"This is the making of the immune machinery. TF is therefore the phenomenal masterpiece of the immune system", according to my friend and mentor, the late Dr. Jose Dante Panopio, Surgeon.